TFD History

Serving the Thompsonville residents since 1839, we are the 1st organized, paid fire department in the northern portion of Connecticut. Thompsonville Fire Department owned the 1st motorized fire engine in the United States, purchased from the Knox Automobile Company in Springfield Massachusetts. The fire department was organized under the late Chief Morrison, who was recorded as being the first fire chief in the Thompsonville section of Enfield. Before that time, it was a volunteer organization and one of the oldest in the country, the old No. 1 company having a charter dated 1828. Its organization date being identical with that of the Hartford Carpet Company. The old Amoskeag engine which reflects in history is now Squad 21 2009 Seagrave fire apparatus. In 1886 the Thompsonville Fire department was a part of the Hartford Carpet Companyā€™s millā€™s fire protection and all special construction work. Chief Hines then succeeded Chief Morrison and continued to move the Thompsonville Fire department into the future which began with creating an additional Hose company No.3. The department included 75 men and the installation of the Gamewell fire alarm system with an efficiency greater than a few towns Thompsonvilleā€™s size. The Thompsonvilleā€™s fire protection was also enhanced by the excellent equipment of the Hartford Carpet corporation, which included an automatic sprinkler system with two fire pumps supplying 2,500 gallons of water per minute. Chief Hines was also involved with other important positions as fire commissioner and superintendent of the sewer commission.

Throughout the Thompsonville Fire departments history there has been many good firefighters and Chiefs which have contributed to the departmentā€™s existence into the current time frame. The fire department has grown since, hand operated and steam fed pumping apparatus, Now continuing with modern state of the art fire apparatus and equipment. Currently the Thompsonville Fire department operates 2- 2006 Seagrave Pumpers, 1 Sutphen- 2009- 75 ft. Ladder truck, 1 Zodiac Recue boat, 2-Service vehicles, and 1 Chiefs vehicle. The department responds to over 2000 fire and emergency incidents throughout the Thompsonville fire district and town of Enfield. Since our department is a 24 hour Fulltime manned department our response times are equal to or above NFPA standards. The Thompsonville fire department provides supplemental Emergency medical services daily in partnership with the town of Enfield EMS service. The Thompsonville Fire Department consists of 1 Chief, 1 Fire Marshal / Captain, 1 Training Captain, 4 Shift Captains, 12 Firefighters, and 1 administrative assistant. The Chief and Administrative assistant work M-F 0800-1630 and the remainder of the Fire department working 2 days on 2 nights on schedule with 4 days off split into 4 groups. The fire marshal and training officer work a Monday through Friday schedule.

The Thompsonville Fire District has rich diverse demographics of citizens and has a large major portion of businesses such as the Enfield Square mall, Home Depot, Costco, etc. Thompsonville also hosts the Enfield Fourth of July celebration which invites thousands of citizens and visitors every year around the July fourth time frame. The Thompsonville fire department provides citizen fire prevention education which includes schools, businesses, and general visitor tours to the station. Our department also offers CPR, Emergency medical technician recertification, car seat installs and general safety classes at zero cost most of the time. If for any reason you request any other information or have a question, please feel free to contact me at 860-745-3365 or .

David T. Deskis
Fire Chief
Thompsonville Fire Department
35 North Main Street, Enfield CT. 06082
Office 860-745-3365 Ext 4205
Fax 860-745-1492