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  • 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month

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Agendas are prepared prior to each meeting, minutes are available following approval.

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Master Packet

Master PZC Packet June 11, 2020

Public Instructions for Landuse Meetings

Public Instructions for Landuse Meetings

Agenda Items - June 11, 2020


PH# 2974 - 28 Maple Avenue - Special Permit application to convert a 2-family home to a 3-family home with a building addition and second driveway cut; Adam Fiore, owner/applicant; Map 21/Lot 12; TD-2 Zone.

PH# 2974 - Application

PH# 2974 - Deed

PH# 2974 - Narrative

PH# 2974 - Site Plans

PH# 2974 - Floor Plans

PH# 2974 - Staff Report & Resolution


PH# 2973 - 55 Cottage Road - Special Permit application for a home addition located within the Lake Overlay District as an expansion of an existing non-conformity; Randy Daigle, owner/applicant; Map 80/Lot 178; R-33 Zone. 

PH# 2973 - Application

PH# 2973 - Deed

PH# 2973 - Narrative

PH# 2973 - Existing Plot Plan

PH# 2973 - Proposed Plot Plan

PH# 2973 - Floor Plans

PH# 2973 - Citizen Participation Letter 1

PH# 2973 - Citizen Participation Letter 2

PH# 2973 - Citizen Participation Letter 3

PH# 2973 - Applicant Proposed Calculations for Setback Averages

PH# 2973 - Staff Calculations for Setback Averages

PH# 2973 - Assessor’s Card

PH# 2973 - Aerial View

PH# 2973 - Building Department Records

PH# 2973 - 2012 & 2014 Street Views

PH# 2973 - Lot Coverage Waiver Request

PH# 2973 - Narrative Amendment & Waiver of Full Site Plan Request

PH# 2973 - Water Bill

PH# 2973 - Revised Site Plan with Sewer Lateral

PH# 2975 – 90 Elm Street – Re-subdivision application for the former Macy’s property located at the Enfield Square Malll; Enfield Sq. Realty LLC/ Enfield Square CH LLC / Enfield Sq. Nassim LLC, owner/applicant; Map 43/Lot 17; BR Zone.

PH# 2975 - Application Materials

PH# 2975 - Plan Set

PH# 2975 - ECCR

PH# 2975 - ECCR First Amendment

PH# 2975 - ECCR Second Amendment

PH# 2975 - Staff Report

XZA 20-06 - Text Amendment

XZA 20-06 Text Amendment


SPR# 1738 - Extension Request


RFQ/RFP for Plan of Conservation & Development

RFQ/RFP for Zoning Regulation Updates


FLD# 40 - 55 Cottage Road - Application for a Permit for Development within the Special Flood Hazard Area to accommodate a proposed residential addition; Randy Daigle, owner/applicant; Map 80/ Lot 178; R-33 Zone; Lake Overlay District.

FLD# 40 - Application

FLD# 40 - Deed

FLD# 40 - Narrative

FLD# 40 - Existing Plot Plan

FLD# 40 - Proposed Site Plan



This commission is appointed by the Town Council and is comprised of:

  • 7 Regular members, 4 year term
     no more than 4 of these members shall be of the same political party
  • 3 Alternate members, 4 year term
     no more than 2 of these members shall be of the same political party

Planning & Zoning Commission Bylaws

Committee Goals

The Planning and Zoning Commission was established in accordance with Chapter V, Section 2 of the Town Charter.
The commission shall have all the powers and duties not inconsistent with the Charter, which are prescribed in Title 8, Chapter 124 of the CT General Statutes. Broadly, the Planning and Zoning Commission is authorized to regulate, within the limits of the municipality, the height, number of stories and size of buildings and other structures; the percentage of the area of the lot that may be occupied; the size of yards, courts and other open spaces; the density of population and the location and use of buildings, structures and land for trade, industry, residence or other purposes, including water-dependent uses as defined in Section 22a-93, and the height, size and location of advertising signs and billboards.

The Planning and Zoning Commission is also responsible for adopting the Town’s Plan of Conservation and Development which is designed to provide guidance in the town’s zoning and capital improvement decisions. By law, the Plan must be updated at least every 10 years.