Enfield's Most Wanted

Pictured below are some of the most wanted criminals in Enfield. If you know the whereabouts of any of these individuals and would like to submit a tip, please call 860-763-8930 or click on the name of the specific person to send the information electronically. All tips may be made anonymously.

Access the state database for rearrest warrants.


Snyder, Eric R 

DOB 09-SEP-88

Wanted for Burglary 1ST

Dunn, Chelsey T

DOB 30-JUL-94

Wanted on Multiple Warrants


Burr, Ryan M

DOB 17-JUN-99

Wanted on Multiple Warrants


Lozada, Corey J

DOB 17-JAN-85 

Wanted for Failure to Appear 1ST


Quail, Chelsea Ann

DOB 28-DEC-90

Wanted on Multiple Warrants


Milotte, Steven J  

DOB 10-APR-87

Wanted on Multiple Warrants


Perez, Randy S

DOB 14-NOV-84

Wanted for Failure to Appear 1st


Riley, John J

DOB 31-DEC-63

Wanted on Multiple Warrants

Shawn Behmke

Behmke, Shawn J

DOB 26-SEP-83

Wanted on Multiple Warrants


Virtue, Paul E

DOB 02-FEB-63

Wanted for Violation of Probation

Eridanes Perez-Molina
Michelle Conklin-Chadwick

Perez-Molina, Eridanes

DOB 2-JUL-78

Wanted for Identity Theft

Conklin-Chadwick, Michelle G

DOB 4-NOV-81

Wanted on Multiple Warrants

Gerald Jessop

Jessop, Gerald M

DOB 5-SEP-67

Wanted for Sexual Assault

Marianna Szabo

Szabo, Marianna

DOB 24-JUL-54

Wanted for Arson

If you wish to submit to submit an anonymous tip about other police related issues, please submit it online.