Quality of Life

It is a goal of the Town of Enfield to create an environment throughout the Town of Enfield that enhances the mobility and recreational opportunities of residents, the attraction of customers to businesses, and a community feel that attracts homeowners and long-term renters.

Creation of Community Center

Creation of Community Center Committee

  • Selection of site
  • Refurbishment of facility
  • Referendum - 2016
  • Opening of a centrally-located community center to include Library, Rec, E-TV, EMS

Additional Bicycle / Pedestrian Paths

Dedication to the planning, design, and development of interconnected bicycle and pedestrian pathway through town that promotes a healthy lifestyle.

  • Completion and Adoption of "Complete Streets" plan
  • Develop priority listing of phase-in of paths and bikeways
  • Obtain funding

Expand Greenways / Walkways

Expansion of current and development of new greenways and walkways to effectuate additional bicycle / pedestrian pathways.

  • Identify priority phase-in of new connections per the current POCD
  • Work with owners of properties for acquisition and/or easements

Riverfront Recapture

Purchase of adjacent land along the CT River to develop recreational and open space land and encourage improvements.

  • Complete design of CT River Access Project
  • Acquisition of relevant properties
  • Develop connections with public to River
  • Riverfront Development Process

Outdoor Concerts / Events

Coordinating and scheduling events throughout town, especially downtown, that attract people outside and provide additional entertainment opportunities.

  • Outdoor movies
  • Outdoor concerts
  • Holiday celebrations
  • Parades / Marches / Demonstrations
  • Recreational events (e.g. races, walks, games, etc.)
  • Concession agreements for Pond / Riverfront activities