Enfield Television

For those who watch E-TV on Frontier Cable systems

Frontier is currently changing how they broadcast E-TV on their cable systems.  Frontier has moved E-TV to channel 6024 on your channel lineup. For the time being, you can still go to channel 99 and find Enfield Television in the lineup but you will see that it will change the channel to 6024 and our station will appear there.

We are not sure if Frontier is going to do away completely with channel 99 to see E-TV or when. 

There are still 4 options to see E-TV.  On YouTube (live and archived), on Cox channel 16 (live and prerecorded productions), from Frontier channel 6024 (live and prerecorded productions) or from this web site where we archive the latest meetings.


YouTube Channel

Visit the Enfield Television YouTube Channel for Streaming Live videos and a full list of available videos. DVD copies of meetings are available upon request.

E-TV Policy

Read the E-TV Policy.


Review the E-TV Schedule.

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