These conditions listed may be violations of the Property Maintenance Ordinance. All these conditions must be clearly visible from a public place such as the street or sidewalk or from a neighboring property.

  • An immediate or serious threat to the health, safety or general welfare of the community
    (This condition must be determined by a building official, health department, fire marshal or other town official acting  within their authority)
  • Missing or boarded up windows or doors for more than 90 days
  • Outside walls, roofs, floors or foundations that are falling down or missing
  • Outside features such as stairs, porches and chimneys that are clearly damaged or falling apart
  • Holes in outside walls or rotted outside walls
  • Severely damaged or missing siding
  • Outside walls that have considerable mold
  • Outside walls that have large areas of peeling paint
  • Fire, water or wind damaged that has not been fixed after a reasonable amount of time
  • Constant garbage or trash that is not placed in containers for removal
  • Plants that are blocking more than half of a building’s outside walls or are blocking an entrance from being used
  • Trees that are rotted, dead or damaged and are causing a safety problem with a neighbor’s yard, house or to the public’s safety such as over a sidewalk or street
  • Grass or weeds that are over 12 inches high
  • Graffiti
  • Storing large amounts of junk

A blight complaint may be reported by using the SeeClickFix feature on the town’s website or by contacting a Property Maintenance Inspector at 860-253-6258 or 860-253-6504. A Property Maintenance Inspector will check all reported conditions and determine if there is a violation of the Property Maintenance Ordinance. If so the property owner will be issued a Violation Notice.