Traffic-Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I have speeding vehicle on my street, how do I request assistance in slowing traffic?

A. Please call the police department at 860-763-6400-and press "0" to speak with a dispatcher. Let the dispatcher know you would like to speak with an officer regarding speeding vehicles on your street.

Q. What will the police department do to slow traffic on my street?

A. The traffic division receives a large amount of speed complaints throughout the 500 plus roadways in town. To address these complaints, the traffic division places the locations on a list in the order they are received. As a street comes up on our list, a speed display trailer is placed on the roadway to make drivers aware of their speed and slow them down. In certain instances, the traffic division will deploy a special device to record speed data to record average vehicle speeds. This allows us to see if there is a substantiated problem, so that officers may be deployed to problem areas to reinforce speed limits, during time frames that experience the most speeders.

Q. My neighbor has unsightly or inoperable vehicles stored on their property. What can the police department do to address this?

A. The Town of Enfield has an ordinance regarding these types of vehicles (see the ordinance). Please call the police department at 860-763-6400 and press "0" to speak to a dispatcher. Advise the dispatcher of the complaint, and an officer will be dispatched to investigate. Officers will place a sticker on violating vehicles and the traffic division will be assigned to follow up. In most cases, property owners have 60 days to bring the vehicles into compliance before enforcement actions is taken against them.

Q. My neighbor has lived in Enfield for a while and I notice that his vehicles are registered out of state. What can be done?

A. Connecticut General Statute 14-12 requires all residents of the State of Connecticut whose vehicles (they must own the vehicle in question) were previously registered in another state be registered in Connecticut. A person is defined as a "resident" by statute if "such person occupies a place of dwelling in this state for more than six months in a year." According the statute, officers must see the owner operating the vehicle to take enforcement action against them.