John F. Kennedy School Pre-Referendum Committee

The John F. Kennedy Middle School Pre-Referendum Committee is to be comprised of the following members: One (1) School Administrators, One (1) Middle School Teacher, Five (5) electors, and Two (2) Town Staff.

Enfield Town Council and the Enfield Board of Education have recognized the need to prioritize improvements and upgrades to the educational facilities, building systems, and athletic fields at John F. Kennedy Middle School. To be able to finance and implement a recommended project, it requires a successful referendum vote by the electors of the Town of Enfield and before a referendum may be considered and presented to the public a number of tasks must be completed.

A few of the Committee’s duties will be to:

  • Work with the selected architectural and/or engineering firm during the design phase of preliminary plans and  cost estimates.
  • Work with the Town, Board staff and engaged consultants to determine enrollment estimates, education  specifications,space needs and technology opportunities for the middle school.
  • Work with the architectural and /or engineering firm to prepare proposed scheduling and phasing of  planning and construction.
  • Engage citizens, businesses and students in Enfield regarding the proposed improvements to solicit input,  record comments, and report findings back to the Enfield Town Council and the Enfield Board of Education.
  • Work with middle school staff, students, parents, and residents to identify priority goals and objectives for the middle  school along with the benefit of their ultimate accomplishment.
  • Transmit a final report of its work to the Town Manager by July 22, 2016.


Thomas Arnone
Mark Gahr
Scott Kaupin
Mary Keller
Tina Leblanc
Joseph Muller (Vice-Chair)
Trish Neild Barry
Carmen Nuccio
Ray Peabody
Christopher Rutledge (Chair)
Steve Sargalski
Jason Walsh
Vincent Weseliza

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